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Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLC

The best-positioned pipeline in the Rockies

Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLC (DEOP) is a 261–mile, mostly 36–inch diameter pipeline located in southwestern Wyoming with a total daily capacity of 2,400 Mdth. It provides transportation services for producers in the Green River, Overthrust, Wamsutter and other Rockies producing basins with interconnects to several major pipeline systems including Ruby Pipeline, Rockies Express Pipeline, Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline, LLC, Kern River Gas Transmission, and Wyoming Interstate Company. The 43–mile loop between Kanda and Blacks Fork, completed in 2011, increased firm transportation capacity by up to 800 Mdth/d for deliveries to the west and by 50 MDth/d for deliveries to the east.  With its interconnections to multiple long–haul pipelines, Dominion Energy Overthrust Pipeline, LLC is designed to deliver clean natural gas to both eastern and western markets providing shippers with multiple market opportunities. 


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