Construction and Maintenance Schedule 2022



Preliminary Dates



Possible Customer Impact


April Reservoir Test April 5-13 Clay Basin Annual Withdrawal Test April 5, constant 150 MMcf/d withdraw rate
April 6, constant 150 MMcf/d withdraw rate
April 7-13, Reservoir shut-in
9 days
  Compliance April 19-22 Oak Spring Compressor Station Annual Maintenance/DOT's Goshen Capacity reduced to 300 Mdth/d from 384.5 Mdth/d 4 days
May Compliance May 9-11 Thistle Compressor Station Annual Maintenance/DOT's No impact to customers is expected (Depends on downstream pipeline flexibility) 3 days
June No maintenance scheduled        
July No maintenance scheduled        
August No maintenance scheduled        
September No maintenance scheduled        
October Reservoir Test October 4-12 Clay Basin Annual Injection Test Oct. 4, constant 160 MMcf/d Inj rate
Oct. 5, constant 160 MMcf/d Inj rate
Oct. 6-12, Reservoir shut-in
9 days
November No maintenance scheduled        
December No maintenance scheduled        

Note: This schedule is subject to change. It is recommended the Shippers monitor MountainWest Pipeline's critical notices about schedule revisions.