Frequently Asked Questions – QuestLine®

What is QuestLine?

QuestLine is an online system available through the Internet to enable pipeline customers to do business transactions 24-hours a day/7 days a week.  Registered users may:

  1. Bid and view unsold capacity; request short-term capacity; request interruptible contracts; create offers; view and bid on capacity release; request contract amendments
  2. Submit, change, or view nominations; confirm a nomination; view or modify allocations
  3. Trade/transfer transportation or storage imbalances
  4. Run, print, or export pipeline information reports
  5. Receive notification of timely news events

How does Citrix Internet access work?

The Citrix logon screen provides a link for downloading or upgrading the Citrix client or click below for the following link to receive the latest Citrix plugin:

Citrix plugins are also available for Windows 8 and Apple OS/Safari (not fully supported by QuestLine vendor)

Installation and Setup Instructions (PDF)

How do I get training information or online help for QuestLine?

Click here to access QuickStarts for QuestLine. In addition, online help for screen functionality is available within the application by pressing F1 (or click Help on the menu and select Help Topics).

How do I add, delete, or change authorized users to QuestLine?

Use the online PDF form, “Request for User Access to QuestLine”.

What are the System Requirements?
The minimum recommended system requirements for a client computer are: