QuestLine® Installation and Setup Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this change being made to the way we access the QuestLine® System?

We is upgrading to the latest Citrix technology to provide enhanced support for various client platforms and operating systems.

How can I install Citrix Receiver?

You will be prompted to install the Citrix Receiver when you first access the new QuestLine®. Follow the instructions in the wizard to install. You must have admin access on your PC to install the receiver.

I tried to install Citrix Receiver but didn't have Admin access. Now we don't see the prompt to install it anymore.

to prompt you to download and install Citrix Receiver at any time by clearing your browser cache. On IE, from the menu choose Tools, then Internet Options, General tab, then click the "Delete" button under Browsing History. You only need to choose "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Cookies and website data", then click "Delete".

Is there some other way we can install Citrix Receiver without using the prompt inside QuestLine®?

Download the program directly from the Citrix website

Can we use QuestLine® without installing Citrix Receiver?

We require the Citrix Receiver be installed to ensure everyone has a good experience running the QPTM CAW app. Without the Receiver, results can vary, you may see problems, and may not meet expectations.

What Firewall changes might be needed to run the new QuestLine®?

You will need to open IP addresses and on ports 80 and 443.

The QPTM CAW App keeps disappearing

It is important each person in your company log on using the user account and password that was assigned. If user accounts are shared, you will "steal" the session from one another and experience other unpredictable behavior. It is part of the QuestLine® agreement to not share accounts and it is more important now than ever.

Can I run multiple instances of the QPTM CAW app?

Simply click the app icon again, and an additional instance will fire up.

Has the QPTM CAW app changed much?

The core functionality, including screen behavior, running reports, etc., is for the most part the same. Some minor changes have been made, and bugs have been fixed.