Cost Estimate Request

This Interconnect and Facility Project Scoping Sheet will be the basis for Dominion Energy Questar Pipeline (DEQP) to determine the Customer’s objectives and the associated DEQP work scope and costs for construction of proposed interconnection facilities, as well as for engineering design support and commissioning of the proposed facilities to be operated by DEQP. Customer shall return this completed form to DEQP for preliminary engineering activities to define and verify the work scope and costs of the proposed Interconnect and to formulate an Interconnect Agreement.

When the Customer agrees to the scope of work and the estimated reimbursable costs of the project, DEQP will send Customer the Interconnect Agreement for review and execution. Payment of the estimated project cost will be made via an up-front payment including CIAC gross up or an executed Transportation Service Agreement. Upon receipt of the executed Interconnect Agreement and payment of the estimated project costs, DEQP will proceed with engineering design, environmental clearances, material procurement, and scheduling of pipeline outages and contractors as necessary for construction of facilities. The entire process, from receipt of an executed Interconnect Agreement to the installation of the facilities, generally takes from six to eight months to complete, depending upon the time necessary to receive environmental clearances, lead time for delivery of materials, and the availability of contractors as well as the pipeline to be tapped. Tap installations scheduled during winter months (December-February) may be subject to unforeseen delays due to inclement weather or pipeline outage risk restrictions. Significant changes in the Customer’s objectives after project authorization will affect the estimate and construction schedule as well. The Customer will be responsible for managing and controlling the construction schedule for all facilities they choose to design and construct.

Please click on the attached link and complete the online PDF form. Return this form and any additional attachments to: Call (801) 324-5200 if you have any questions regarding the Scoping Sheet.


revised: 08/22/2019