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Questar Pipeline Announces Binding Open Season for Hyrum Expansion

Questar Pipeline is holding an open season to solicit binding market support to offer additional firm transportation service from MAP 285, the Overthrust JL 36 MS receipt point on Questar Pipeline for delivery to MAP 164, specifically the Hyrum Gate Station via Questar Pipeline's Northern System. Should Questar Pipeline decide to go forward with this project, it will make the necessary system modifications to provide this service. Questar Pipeline anticipates this service can be made available as early as November 1, 2019, subject to receipt and acceptance of timely, qualifying, and binding bid sheets received in this open season.

The open season will begin at 2:00 PM MCT on April 7, 2017 and will end on April 14, 2017 at 5:00 PM MCT.

If you need additional information or have a question about the open season please call Tom Myrberg at (801) 324-2978 or go to Questar Pipeline Open Season and Expansion Plans website.

Questar Pipeline, LLC is an interstate natural gas pipeline company that provides transportation and underground storage services in Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Questar Pipeline owns and operates slightly more than 2,500 miles of pipeline with total daily capacity of 2,530 Mdth. Questar Pipeline's system is strategically located in the Rocky Mountains near large reserves of natural gas in six major producing areas, including the Greater Green River, Uinta and Piceance basins. Questar Pipeline transports gas from these areas to other major pipeline systems for delivery to markets in the West and Midwest including the Questar Gas local distribution system serving natural gas utility customers in Utah, southwest Wyoming and southern Idaho. Questar Pipeline owns and operates the Clay Basin storage facility located on the Wyoming-Utah border. Clay Basin is the largest underground storage reservoir in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Through wholly-owned subsidiaries, Questar Pipeline owns and operates the Overthrust Pipeline in southwestern Wyoming. Questar Pipeline also operates and owns 50% of the White River Hub providing transportation and hub services through interconnections with six interstate pipeline systems and a major processing plant near Meeker, Colorado.


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